Genetic resources of jackfruit in the world

S.K. Mitra
Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) trees are cross pollinated and are mostly propagated by seed. This caused a considerable range of variation in morpho-agronomic characters. A considerable variation between trees has been observed for traits such as growth habit, canopy structure, leaf size, fruit shape, size, color, fruit bearing (age and seasonality) and maturity. Attempts were made to understand the extent of genetic diversity for morphological characters and select superior clones of jackfruit. Jackfruit germplasms of India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, USA (Florida) and Vietnam were evaluated. During the last decade significant progress has been made in selection of superior clones or developing cultivars in different jackfruit producing countries. In India, the cultivars/clones developed are ‘PLR-1’, ‘PP1’, ‘Swarna’, ‘Konkan Prolofic’, ‘Janagara’, ‘NSP’, ‘Byrachandra’, ‘Kachahalli’, ‘Kantanukuntae’, ‘PLR (J)-2’, ‘Muttam Varikka’, ‘Gumless Jack’, ‘Palur-1’, ‘Pechiparai-1’, ‘Singapore Jack’, ‘Velipala’, ‘Barlian-1’, ‘Sindoor’, ‘CHESHJF 1’, ‘CHESJF 2’, ‘CHESJF 3’, etc. In Sri Lanka, the cultivars developed are ‘Father Long’, ‘Kothmale’, ‘Maharagama’, ‘Hirosa’, ‘Mandoor’, ‘AV Dias’, ‘Matara’, ‘Thelippalei’, ‘Champerdine’, ‘Kuruwita’, etc. The Malaysia jackfruit researchers developed ‘J29’, ‘Mastura (J35)’, ‘Mantin (J32)’, ‘NS1 (J31)’, etc. The cultivars ‘Mit Nghe’, ‘MitDua’, ‘Mit Tonu’ and ‘MitMalai’ were developed at Vietnam. Jackfruit is the National fruit of Bangladesh. Several clones have been selected such as ‘BAU Jackfruit1’. In Myanmar cultivars ‘Talaing’ and ‘Kala’ were reported to grow. Several named cultivars like ‘Golden Nugget’, ‘Black Gold’, ‘Honey Gold’, ‘Lemon Gold’, ‘Cheena’, ‘Chompa Gob’, ‘Galaxy’, ‘Nahen Kapa’, etc. were reported from Australia. The Philippines have cultivars named ‘J-01’, ‘J-02’, ‘TVC’ and ‘Torres’. Most of the Australian and Malaysian cultivars are available in Florida. This paper reviewed the genetic resources of jackfruit available in the world.
Mitra, S.K. (2020). Genetic resources of jackfruit in the world. Acta Hortic. 1299, 397-402
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1299.59
cultivar, clone, diversity, conservation

Acta Horticulturae