The use of hydroponic-substrate husk-charcoal waste for asparagus seedling substrate

T.M. Onggo
In tropical climates, asparagus plants grow faster and do not possess any dormancy period as in subtropical or temperate climates. Spear harvest begins 8-10 months after transplanting. By employing the mother-stalk production technique, harvesting may be carried out daily over a 3-year period; however spear production decreased significantly starting from the 3rd year. A continuous annual high yield could be attained by planting a new crop instead of employing a more intensive cultivation. Therefore preparing a nursery for timely replanting is of great importance. Planting seedlings in polybags has several advantages, respectively no seedling separation needed, easier grading and transportation and also a more favorable substrate could be used. Using rice-husk for asparagus seedling substrate was promising, but due to its high C/N ratio, seedling growth may be inhibited and various plant diseases may be developed. In Indonesia husk-charcoal is widely used as hydroponic substrate for growing beef-tomato and bell-pepper due to its sterile and porous nature. After harvesting, this substrate will be discarded as waste. The aim of this experiment was to study the effect of this husk charcoal hydroponic substrate waste (HCW) for asparagus seedling substrate as compared to husk (H) and husk-charcoal (HC) and their interaction effect with compost added at three different rates for substrate amendment. A Factorial Randomized Block Design with two factors and three levels each, in three replications was used. Variables observed were seedling weight, fern growth (fern height, fern number and fern weight) and crown development (root length, crown weight and volume). The results showed that seedling grown on HCW substrate possessed higher seedling and crown weight. The chemical and physical analyses data of the substrate supported these results.
Onggo, T.M. (2020). The use of hydroponic-substrate husk-charcoal waste for asparagus seedling substrate. Acta Hortic. 1301, 133-138
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1301.20
asparagus, seedling growth and quality

Acta Horticulturae