'Mistral 30®': flat peach nectarine of IMIDA-NOVAMED breeding program

A. Carrillo-Navarro, F. García-Montiel, D. López-Ortiz, A. Guevara-Gázquez, J. Cos-Terrer
The introduction of the flat peach nectarine typology in the markets is very recent, and has been determined by the continuous discard of the existing cultivars due to the different physiological and adaptation problems that deteriorated the productivity and fruit quality, making its commercialization non-viable. ‘Mistral 30®’ is a platerine or flat peach nectarine, which has been obtained by the breeding program developed by the Murcia Institute of Agri-Food Research and Development (IMIDA) and Novedades Varietales del Mediterraneo (NOVAMED). ‘Mistral 30®’ presents very interesting characteristics for the producer, and it does not present the problems that depreciate the quality, and this can became it one of the first platerines that remains in the market. The harvest date is 20 June (-7 BigTop®) in the southeast of Spain (Murcia), it is distinguished by the great coloration, calibre AA26 and fresh weight (133 g), and a very good organoleptic characteristics 14 °Brix and 3.9 g L‑1 malic acid, being a good alternative to introduce this typology in the market.
Carrillo-Navarro, A., García-Montiel, F., López-Ortiz, D., Guevara-Gázquez, A. and Cos-Terrer, J. (2021). 'Mistral 30®': flat peach nectarine of IMIDA-NOVAMED breeding program. Acta Hortic. 1304, 81-82
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1304.12
Prunus persica, productivity, platerine

Acta Horticulturae