Performance of sixteen Prunus rootstocks budded with the nectarine cultivar 'Big Top' and grown under root asphyxia conditions

C. Font i Forcada, L. Mestre, A.E. Salazar, P. Mignard, J. Pinochet, G. Reig, M.Á. Moreno
The influence of 16 Prunus rootstocks on agronomical and basic fruit quality parameters of ‘Big Top’ nectarine was tested in a trial located in the Ebro Valley (Zaragoza, Spain), on a heavy and calcareous soil typical of the Mediterranean area. Six peach-almond hybrids (Adafuel, Adarcias, Garnem, GF 677, PADAC 9902-01 and Rootpac 70), one P. persica × P. davidiana hybrid (Cadaman), five hexaploid plums [P. insititia (Adesoto 101, PM 44 AD, PM 105 AD, PM 150 AD) and P. domestica (Penta)], three plum × peach-almond hybrid rootstocks (PADAC 04-01, PADAC 04-03 and PADAC 99-05), and one almond-plum hybrid [P. cerasifera × P. amygdalus (Rootpac-R)] were budded with the nectarine cultivar ‘Big Top’ during the summer of 2007. Trees were established in the field during the winter of 2008-2009. By the fourth year after planting, growing conditions had generated varying levels of tree mortality; the highest with Garnem, PM 44 AD and Penta, whereas all Adarcias, PADAC 04-01, Rootpac 70 and Rootpac R trees survived well. The lowest vigor was induced by PM 105 AD and PM 150 AD, while the highest vigor was exhibited by Adafuel, although differences were not significant when compared to Cadaman, PADAC 04-01, PADAC 9902-01, PADAC 99-05 and Rootpac 70. Yield efficiency was highest for PM 105 AD and lowest for Adafuel, although differences with the other rootstocks were not significant. Cumulative yield was highest for GF 677 and PADAC 04-01 and lowest for PM 150 AD, although they did not significantly differ when compared to the other rootstocks. The medium to highly vigorous rootstocks (PADAC 04-01, PADAC 99-05 and Rootpac R) tended to induce better organoleptic fruit quality, based on higher concentrations of soluble solids and flesh firmness, demonstrating reasons for their commercial interest as rootstocks for peaches.
Font i Forcada, C., Mestre, L., Salazar, A.E., Mignard, P., Pinochet, J., Reig, G. and Moreno, M.Á. (2021). Performance of sixteen Prunus rootstocks budded with the nectarine cultivar 'Big Top' and grown under root asphyxia conditions. Acta Hortic. 1304, 237-242
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1304.33
fruit quality, firmness, Prunus persica, soluble solids content, vigor

Acta Horticulturae