The efficacy of moringa leaf extract as an active ingredient in organic coating of 'Marsh' grapefruit

K. Ncama, L.S. Magwaza, A. Mditshwa, S.Z. Tesfay, N.C. Mbili
Organic coatings are in high demand for substituting the waxes and chemical treatments usually applied for maintaining the postharvest quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. This study investigated the efficacy of organic coatings incorporated with moringa (Moringa oleifera) leaf extracts (MLE) on maintaining the rind physiological quality of 'Marsh' grapefruit (Citrus × paradisi McFad) during postharvest storage. Fresh grapefruit were assigned into a completely randomized design with 50 fruit per four different coatings as treatments (control, 2% Citrashine®, 2% carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) or 2% MLE+0.1% CMC). Non-destructive measurement of phytochemical compounds was executed on the fruit stored in cold storage simulating commercial conditions (-0.6°C for two weeks, 5°C for five weeks and 21°C for 2 weeks) using near infrared spectroscopy. The overall quality of control fruit was poor compared to coated fruit. There were non-significant (p>0.05) differences in the changing rate of chlorophyll a (5.30-5.21 mg g‑1 to 3.22-2.81 mg g‑1), total carotenoids (7.02-7.37 mg g‑1 to 12.30-13.65 mg g‑1), vitamin C (12.80-12.90 mg g‑1 to 13.70-13.81 mg g‑1), antioxidant activity (57.00-57.70% to 71.40-73.92%), total non-structural carbohydrates (784.50-791.00 µg g‑1 to 684,80-723.40 µg g‑1), glucose (259.30-261.20 µg g‑1 to 160.20-173.81 µg g‑1) and sucrose (211.43-305.72 µg g‑1 to 325.22-399.69 µg g‑1) concentration of grapefruit coated with MLE coating or the commercial Citrashine®. The 2% MLE+0.1% CMC coating was recommended as an effective, organic and cheap alternative coating for 'Marsh' grapefruit.
Ncama, K., Magwaza, L.S., Mditshwa, A., Tesfay, S.Z. and Mbili, N.C. (2021). The efficacy of moringa leaf extract as an active ingredient in organic coating of 'Marsh' grapefruit. Acta Hortic. 1306, 241-248
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1306.30
edible coatings, Moringa oleifera, citrus fruit, antioxidant activity, grapefruit

Acta Horticulturae