Moringa and sesame seed oil coatings enhanced sensory attributes of stored sweet orange fruits

F.D. Ugese, N. Iordye
Fruit quality deterioration under ambient storage conditions is a common occurrence in Nigeria. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of moringa and sesame seed oil coatings on sensory qualities of sweet orange fruits stored under ambient conditions at Makurdi, Nigeria. Fruits of two sweet orange cultivars, 'Ibadan Sweet' and 'Valencia Late', were harvested at commercial maturity stage and coated with moringa seed oil (MSO) and sesame seed oil (SSO) at concentrations of 0, 1 and 2% respectively. The experiment was a 2×2×3 factorial arranged in completely randomized design (CRD) and replicated 3 times. Coated fruits were stored under ambient conditions in the laboratory. Sensory attributes were evaluated at 5 day intervals by 10 trained panellists from the time of storage up to 30 days thereafter. Results indicated no significant effect of cultivar and oil type on fruit appearance, but fruits coated with 1% edible oil had a better appearance. Juice color of 'Ibadan Sweet' was better than that of 'Valencia Late' at 30 days of storage. Fruits coated with MSO also had a more acceptable appearance. From Day 5 of storage, coated fruits had significantly better taste than uncoated ones, being twice as tasty as control fruits at 30 days of storage. Similarly, the flavour of fruits coated with essential oils was about twice superior to that of uncoated ones. Overall acceptability was in favor of coated fruits with such fruits having more than twice the overall acceptability rating compared with control fruits on the final evaluation interval. In all the sensory attributes considered, values tended to decrease as storage time increased. It was evident that coating fruits with MSO or SSO enhanced their sensory qualities when stored under ambient conditions.
Ugese, F.D. and Iordye, N. (2021). Moringa and sesame seed oil coatings enhanced sensory attributes of stored sweet orange fruits. Acta Hortic. 1306, 263-268
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1306.33
Citrus sinensis, Moringa oleifera, Sesamum indicum, edible oil coatings, ambient storage

Acta Horticulturae