Utilization value of Sorbus s.l. in Croatia and its potential enhancement

N. Jeran, V. Zidovec, D. Dujmoviæ Purgar, A. Vokurka, A. Me¿iæ, K. Karloviæ, B. Duralija
Due to their nutritive and therapeutic values as well as their decorative attributes, the usage of species from the genus Sorbus s.l. has been well known in folk tradition long since. According to the most recent taxonomic revision, in Croatian flora, Sorbus s.l. is represented with at least six native taxa and another six that are deficiently known and which presence should be further confirmed. In Croatia, species of Sorbus s.l. are distributed in three main geographical and climate regions (mountainous, lowland and Mediterranean) and grow under various environmental conditions. In Croatia, only a few taxa are infrequently used as ornamental plants while their usage as a wild edible fruit species is generally rather sparse. The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of Croatian species of Sorbus s.l. (S. aria, S. aucuparia, S. austriaca, S. chamaemespilus, S. domestica, S. torminalis) with their utilization values as wild edible fruit species and ornamental plants, together with their environmental requirements, resistance to urban conditions and pests as well as possible problems in their cultivation and their capacity for selection and plant breeding. We assume that Croatian native Sorbus s.l. species present quality and multifunctional species applicable for use in landscaping and for fruit cultivation.
Jeran, N., Zidovec, V., Dujmoviæ Purgar, D., Vokurka, A., Me¿iæ, A., Karloviæ, K. and Duralija, B. (2021). Utilization value of Sorbus s.l. in Croatia and its potential enhancement. Acta Hortic. 1308, 81-88
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1308.13
Sorbus s.l., usage, native ornamental plant, wild edible fruit, Croatia

Acta Horticulturae