Evaluation of growth and productivity of some European plum cultivars

D. Milatović, D. Đurović, G. Zec, Đ. Boškov
Growth and productivity characteristics (initial and final fruit set, yield tree‑1, trunk cross-sectional area, yield efficiency and fruit weight) were studied in ten cultivars of European plum in the Belgrade area during the period of three years (2013-2015). The tested cultivars originate from Serbian and German breeding programs. The cultivar ‘Stanley’ was taken as a control for comparison. Initial fruit set ranged from 35.7 to 69.9%, and final fruit set from 17.7 to 49.7%. Compared to control, final fruit set was significantly higher in cultivars ‘Čačanska Rodna’ and ‘Katinka’, while it was lower in cultivars ‘Čačanska Rana’ and ‘Boranka’. The average yield tree‑1 was the lowest in the cultivar Boranka (7.8 kg) and the highest in the cultivar ‘Čačanska Najbolja’ (23.6 kg). Significantly lower yield compared to control was obtained in cultivars ‘Boranka’ and ‘Čačanska Rana’. The lowest vigor was recorded in ‘Čačanska Rodna’, and the highest in the cultivar ‘Jojo’. The average fruit weight ranged from 22.1 g in the cultivar ‘Katinka’ to 52.8 g in the cultivar ‘Čačanska Rana’. Compared to control, fruit weight was significantly higher in ‘Čačanska Rana’, ‘Čačanska Najbolja’ and ‘Čačanska Lepotica’, and lower in ‘Katinka’. Yield was correlated with final fruit set (r=0.47*). Fruit weight was in negative correlation with initial and final fruit set (r=-0.75**; r=-0.69**).
Milatović, D., Đurović, D., Zec, G. and Boškov, Đ. (2021). Evaluation of growth and productivity of some European plum cultivars. Acta Hortic. 1308, 229-234
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1308.32
Prunus domestica, fruit set, yield, vigor, yield efficiency, fruit weight

Acta Horticulturae