Water status monitoring in grapevines with traditional and new automated sensors

C. Sirca, M. Lo Cascio, G. Noun, R.L. Snyder, S. Marras, A. Fernandes de Oliveira, M. Barbaro, P. Meloni, S. Loddo, M. Ucchesu, M.G. Mameli, D. Satta, M. Muntoni, P. Duce, E. Vagnoni, C. Cesaraccio, D. Spano
Climate change scenarios together with the increasing request for sustainable crop farming push the irrigation sector toward a more efficient use of natural resources. This is particularly relevant for the wine industry in Mediterranean areas, where there is a growing interest for technologies and knowledge devoted to save water resources while maintaining wine production and quality. In this work, a set of plant water status related variables were continuously monitored using an automated platform and compared with stem water potential values measured with pressure chambers. The preliminary results showed a good potential for these new automated sensors for a real time monitoring of the vine water status.
Sirca, C., Lo Cascio, M., Noun, G., Snyder, R.L., Marras, S., Fernandes de Oliveira, A., Barbaro, M., Meloni, P., Loddo, S., Ucchesu, M., Mameli, M.G., Satta, D., Muntoni, M., Duce, P., Vagnoni, E., Cesaraccio, C. and Spano, D. (2021). Water status monitoring in grapevines with traditional and new automated sensors. Acta Hortic. 1314, 69-74
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1314.10
Internet of Things, irrigation scheduling, Mediterranean, stem water potential, sustainability, Vitis vinifera

Acta Horticulturae