Insights into the impact of geography and genetics on the microbiome of Carya illinoinensis

J. Randall, K. Cervantes, D.K. Ray, A. Sanchez, K. Mason, J.N. Fisk, J.R. Soneji, L. Sanchez, L.J. Grauke, X. Wang
Carya illinoinensis, commonly known as pecan, is native to many regions across North America and has a lifespan that can extend hundreds of years. There may be differences in the microbiome of pecan trees due to several factors including their geographical origin, their longevity, and cross-pollination. Recent innovations in technology used to assess microbiome interactions have made it possible for us to gain insight into the microbial communities associated with pecan. In a previous experiment, we explored the diversity of microbial communities in greenhouse pecan seedling trees through culturing and sequencing the microorganisms. Our findings led us to conduct further research on the microbiomes of pecan trees. In an attempt to identify microorganisms present in unique pecan genotypes, total DNA was isolated and enriched using the NEB Next Microbiome Enrichment kit. Our samples included replicates of two genotypes that had and had not undergone antibiotic treatments. This enriched DNA underwent next generation sequencing (on an illumina platform) to elucidate microbial populations present. Microbiome analysis revealed diverse communities of microorganisms in both genotypes, which were significantly impacted by antibiotic treatments. Due to these results, we are conducting further research in order to explore the microbes associated with specific pecan cultivars from two distinct geographical regions. Furthermore, we are also analyzing the microbiomes of distinct genotypes growing in the same location. In doing so, we will gain understanding of how microbial populations are influenced by geographical location and genetics.
Randall, J., Cervantes, K., Ray, D.K., Sanchez, A., Mason, K., Fisk, J.N., Soneji, J.R., Sanchez, L., Grauke, L.J. and Wang, X. (2021). Insights into the impact of geography and genetics on the microbiome of Carya illinoinensis. Acta Hortic. 1318, 235-240
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1318.34
pecan, next generation sequencing

Acta Horticulturae