A genetic linkage map for walnut based on SSR markers

S. Kefayati, A.S. Ikhsan, M. Sütyemez, A. Paizila, H. Topçu, Ş.B. Bükücü, S. Kafkas
Juglans regia L. (walnut) is an important nut tree species in the World. Simple sequence repeat (SSR)-based genetic linkage maps are effective tools for comparative mapping. In the present study, we aimed to construct a SSR-based genetic linkage map of walnut using the 'Chandler' × 'Kaplan-86' F1 population. In total, 387 SSR markers were mapped into 16 linkage groups (LGs) after screening of 1,438 SSR primer pairs. Among the mapped markers, 166 SSRs (42.9%) were heterozygous in both of the parents, whereas 221 (57.1%) markers were heterozygous just in one of the parents. The total length of the consensus map was 1,569.9 cM, with an average length of 98.1 cM. It included an average of 24.2 markers per LG, and the mean distance between SSR markers was 4.3 cM. The SSR-based linkage maps presented in this study can be considered as a fundamental genetic linkage map for further genetic and molecular studies in walnut, as well as in other Juglans species.
Kefayati, S., Ikhsan, A.S., Sütyemez, M., Paizila, A., Topçu, H., Bükücü, Ş.B. and Kafkas, S. (2021). A genetic linkage map for walnut based on SSR markers. Acta Hortic. 1318, 39-44
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1318.6
Juglans regia, linkage mapping, microsatellite, simple sequence repeat, walnut

Acta Horticulturae