Explanation of laws and regulations on fresh-cut fruits and vegetables

X. Chen, X. Chang
With rapid growth of the market demanding for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, the number of large fresh-cut produce manufacturers is increasing every year. To ensure the safety of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, relevant standards and regulations were established. This report discusses the following laws and regulations, including Code of hygienic practice for fresh fruits and vegetables (CAC/RCP 53-2003, Annex I for ready-to-eat, fresh, pre-cut fruits and vegetables 2017) of Codex Alimentarius Commission (2019), Food safety practice guidance for ready-to-eat fresh-cut vegetable manufacturers of Canada Food Inspection Agency (2014) and Processing of fresh-cut tropical fruits and vegetables: A Technical Guide (FAO, 2010). Several issues are explained, especially on potential hazards, control of hazards, and hygienic practice of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in raw materials, storage, processing, transport, pest control, personnel hygiene and sanitary facilities. The reports will also focus on the principle of drafting, and the drafting basis of main technical contents including the scope of standards, environmental hygiene, hygienic primary production of fresh fruits and vegetables, design and facilities, control of operation, maintenance and sanitation, storage and transport, temperature setting of different processing steps, etc, in National Food Safety Standard-Hygienic Practices for Ready-to-eat Fresh-cut Produces (China). The importance of promoting the standardization and the development of fresh-cut produce industry in China are also discussed.
Chen, X. and Chang, X. (2021). Explanation of laws and regulations on fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Acta Hortic. 1319, 179-186
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1319.21
fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, standard, regulation, hygienic practice

Acta Horticulturae