Effect of fertilizing regime of forecrops on the quality of red beet and carrot

M. Putnik-Delić, I. Maksimović, M. Mirosavljević, Ž. Ilin, R. Kastori, M. Daničić, B. Adamović
Red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) and carrot (Daucus carota L.) have high nutritional value and are considered to be one of the major dietary sources of nitrates. The content of nitrates is highly dependent on the type and method of fertilization. In this experiment, we analyzed the content of nitrates in red beet and carrots which were grown on the soil where cabbage was grown as forecrops and fertilized in different combinations. Swine and cattle manure (20 t ha‑1), as well as N33P33K63 and N55P55K105 (300 and 500 kg ha-1, respectively) individually and in combinations, were applied as cover fertilizer of forecrops. During this experiment, one more aspect was taken into account: whether mulching was applied during the forecrop production or not. Besides the nitrate content, the concentration of some microelements was also analyzed, with intention to understand how different fertilizer treatments, combined with mulching, can affect the quality of red beets and carrots. Red beet and carrot were grown without fertilization, and the concentration of nitrates was assessed in their edible parts. The lowest concentration of nitrates in red beet and carrot was found on a plot where a combination of cattle manure+NPK was applied (N55P55K105, N33P33K63, respectively). In both cases, a higher concentration of nitrates was recorded in red beet and carrot grown on a plot where forecrops were produced in the presence of mulch compared to the same combinations of fertilizers without mulch. In the carrot, mulch in forecrops' production had less effect on the concentration of nitrates than in the red beet. The concentration of microelements varied both depending on the use of mulch and the application of different fertilizers to forecrop. Regarding microelements, beetroot and carrots responded in the opposite way to the use of mulch.
Putnik-Delić, M., Maksimović, I., Mirosavljević, M., Ilin, Ž., Kastori, R., Daničić, M. and Adamović, B. (2021). Effect of fertilizing regime of forecrops on the quality of red beet and carrot. Acta Hortic. 1320, 233-240
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1320.30
Beta vulgaris L., Daucus carota L., nitrates, forecrops' fertilization, mulching

Acta Horticulturae