Evaluation of some rootstocks for Solanaceous vegetables in Romania

M. Bogoescu, M. Doltu, D. Sora, I. Cucu, V. Tănasă
This study aims at identifying some rootstocks for solanaceous vegetables and to evaluate their influence in plant yield or plant growth. These vegetables (tomato, pepper and eggplant) are very popular crops in Romania. Vegetable crops are very sensitive to climatic vagaries, so fluctuation in climatic parameters at any phase of growth can affect the yield. Grafting on Solanaceae is a method that has improved and spread quickly during the past years, a similar approach to crop rotation, a practice meant to increase fruit quality and productivity, resistance or tolerance to soil diseases and pests, as well as to abiotic factors. The research was conducted at the Horting Institute, Bucharest, Romania. Several aspects are taken into account in the use of rootstocks: environmental adaptability, fruit quality, resistance/tolerance to soil diseases and pests, drought, floods, soil salinization, heavy metal content, organic pollutants. Some resistant rootstocks have been identified worldwide (Solanum mammosum, S. torvum, S. integrifolium, S. sisymbriifolium, S. toxicarium, S. mamals, ‘Beaufort F1’, ‘Maxifort F1’, ‘Resistar F1’, ‘Heman F1’, ‘Eldorado F1’, ‘Primavera F1’, ‘Nova F1’, ‘Packmore F1’, ‘Jjak Kkung’, ‘Cheong Gang’, ‘LA3957’, ‘IC-354557’). Several rootstocks are very frequently used in Romania; ‘Emperador F1’, ‘Beaufort F1’, ‘Efialto F1’, ‘Groundforce F1’ for tomatoes, ‘Emperador F1’, ‘Hykiaku F1’ for eggplants, ‘Foundation F1’, ‘Guardian F1’ for peppers have been identified and researched at Horting Institute. In this study were evaluated the following rootstocks: ‘Emperador F1’ for tomatoes and eggplants, ‘Foundation F1’ for peppers. By comparing the fruit yield of the three studied grafted and non-grafted cultivars it has been showed that all grafted tomato, pepper and eggplant cultivars have had very good results, the values obtained being higher with 14.64, 23.08 and 25.44% than at non-grafted cultivars.
Bogoescu, M., Doltu, M., Sora, D., Cucu, I. and Tănasă, V. (2021). Evaluation of some rootstocks for Solanaceous vegetables in Romania. Acta Hortic. 1320, 363-370
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1320.48
eggplant, hipobiont, pepper, productivity, resistance, tomato

Acta Horticulturae