New promising Japanese plum cultivars for warm areas from CEBAS-CSIC/IMIDA breeding programme

D. Ruiz, J. Cos, M. Nicolás-Almansa, J. Egea, F. García, A. Carrillo, M. Rubio, D. López, J.A. Salazar, A. Guevara
A Japanese plum-breeding programme coordinated between CEBAS-CSIC and IMIDA is being developed since 2011 in Murcia (Spain). One of the main objectives is to release new cultivars characterized by low chilling requirements that allow their adaptation to warm areas, particularly important in the current context of global warming. In addition, the other priority objectives considered in the breeding programme are: i) early ripening time as far as possible (May-June), which would lead to a competitive advantage in the market; ii) self-compatibility; iii) high quality fruit in terms of flavour, skin appealing and flesh colour, especially focused on releasing new cultivars of red flesh, high firmness and good postharvest behaviour; iv) resistance to sharka disease (Plum pox virus, PPV) including interspecific crosses between resistant apricot cultivars and Japanese plums. As a result of the more than 80 crosses carried out and around 6,000 seedlings evaluated, a set of 11 advanced selections have been obtained which combine most of the good aforementioned features, two of which ('Lucia Myrtea®' and 'Victoria Myrtea®') have been recently registered as new Japanese plum cultivars. This set of new cultivars is characterized by very low chilling requirements, which ensures its good adaptation in warm areas; they cover a range of ripening dates from May 15 to July 15; all of them are characterized by high quality fruit, most of them with red flesh; and some of the new cultivars are self-compatible, which is an important milestone in the breeding of the Japanese plum species. This work shows the main lines of research developed in our breeding programme and the characteristics of the released advanced selections.
Ruiz, D., Cos, J., Nicolás-Almansa, M., Egea, J., García, F., Carrillo, A., Rubio, M., López, D., Salazar, J.A. and Guevara, A. (2021). New promising Japanese plum cultivars for warm areas from CEBAS-CSIC/IMIDA breeding programme. Acta Hortic. 1322, 55-60
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1322.9
Prunus salicina, low chilling requirements, early ripening, fruit quality, self-compatibility

Acta Horticulturae