Magnetic-pulse processing at micropropagation and cleaning up of fruit and small fruit crops from viruses

M.T. Upadyshev, I.M. Kulikov, V.I. Donetskich, A.D. Petrova, K.V. Metlitskaya, G.Yu. Upadysheva
Outer low-frequency magnetic fields can have influence on the process of plant growth, development and cleaning up from viruses. The effects depend on the magnetic field characteristics, on the biological peculiarities of the culture and the kind of pathogen. The purpose of the research was to study the magnetic-pulse processing action on the micropropagation and cleaning up process from harmful viruses of apple, pear, sweet cherry and raspberry plants. The explants cultivated on Murashige and Skoog culture medium, and infected by the viruses have been processed with the help of the programmable devices designed according to our own construction (patents of the Russian Federation No.2573349 and No.2652818) by the magnetic induction impulses with frequency from 0.5 to 130 Hz. The usage of magnetic processing on apple and pear plants provided 86% of the explant cleaning up from the complex of viruses ASPV, ASGV, ACLSV and ApMV, on sweet cherry plants - up to 29% from the complex of viruses PPV, PNRSV and PDV. On raspberry plants the magnetic processing caused virus RBDV inhibition, on raspberry-blackberry hybrid - from viruses RBDV and TBRV (the output of virus free plants - up to 67%). The magnetic processing encouraged the improvement of explant development at the micropropagation stage: the microshoots length grows up in 1.5-2.9 times, their number - in 1.3-2.7 times depending on the crops. At the stage of rooting ability, the magnetic processing increased this ability for the microshoots in 2-3.3 times, the roots number and length - in 1.6-3.1 times, the microplant acclimatization in non-sterile conditions - on 7-27%. The advantages of the magnetotherapy are the absence of phytotoxicity, universality, higher output of health plants, processing automatisation and ecological safety.
Upadyshev, M.T., Kulikov, I.M., Donetskich, V.I., Petrova, A.D., Metlitskaya, K.V. and Upadysheva, G.Yu. (2021). Magnetic-pulse processing at micropropagation and cleaning up of fruit and small fruit crops from viruses. Acta Hortic. 1324, 105-110
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1324.16
apple, pear, sweet cherry, raspberry, magnetic-pulse influence, in vitro

Acta Horticulturae