Evaluation of introduced cultivars of nectarines compared with a model cultivar

S.Yu. Tsiupka, E.P. Shoferistov, Iu.A. Ivashchenko
This study had been carried out in 14 years (2004-2017) at the stone fruit collection of the Nikita Botanical Gardens. The phenological, pomological, morphological and physiological characteristics of 25 nectarine cultivars were observed. A model cultivar was used as a control in comparison. The following 15 characteristics were evaluated: number of days starting from March 1 till the beginning of blooming, degree of blooming, duration of blooming, winter resistance, drought resistance, tolerance to leaf-curl mosaic and mildew, year of the first fruiting, crop capacity, fruit weight, flesh consistency, percentage of integumentary color and fruit attraction, flesh taste and its ability to separate from the stone. Cluster analysis was carried out to compare 25 introduced nectarine cultivars. This method made it possible to reveal similarity between all these cultivars and model of a cultivar based on Euclidean distance. All cultivars were united into a classification tree that is reproduced in dendrogram. According to similarity of characteristics and their values the following cultivars, combined into clusters (groups), are rather close: 1) ‘Sorok let Uzbekistana’, ‘Early Rivers’, ‘Sladkoyadernyiy’, ‘Grande’, ‘Natalie’; 2) ‘Nectared C-3’, ‘Kzil Shalili’, ‘Big Top’, ‘Crimson Gold’, ‘Nectacrest’, ‘Nectared 306’, ‘Skif’, ‘May Red’, ‘Silvery’, ‘June Red’, ‘Fantasia’, ‘Kievskij’, ‘Geokchayskiy 229’, ‘Le Grande’, ‘May Grand’, ‘Super Crimson Gold’, ‘Stark Sunglo’, ‘Nectalate’; 3) ‘Kando’ and ‘Fire’. According to complex of characteristics, four cultivars were marked out having the largest similarity with the model of cultivar: ‘Geokchayskiy 229’, ‘Le Grande’, ‘Natalie’ and ‘Nectared C-3’. At the same time interrelations of economically valuable characteristics were identified having used paired correlation coefficients. The highest correlation coefficient was recorded between winter and drought-resistance (r=-0.7), beginning of blooming and its degree (r=0.71), fruit weight and taste (r=0.64), etc.
Tsiupka, S.Yu., Shoferistov, E.P. and Ivashchenko, Iu.A. (2021). Evaluation of introduced cultivars of nectarines compared with a model cultivar. Acta Hortic. 1324, 253-258
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1324.39
stone fruit, model cultivar, dendrogram, pomology, phenology

Acta Horticulturae