Evaluation of the Nikita Botanical Garden's genefund collection of persimmon with parameters of the model cultivar

S.Yu. Khokhlov, V.A. Melnikov, E.S. Panyushkina
Oriental persimmon, as a fruit crop, has become widespread almost on all continents of our planet. In fruit growing of the Crimea, persimmon has been actively cultivated since the beginning of the 19th century. However, in practice, introduced cultivars of foreign breeding acclimatize in the soil and climatic conditions of the Crimean peninsula with great difficulty. To solve this problem, the Department of Subtropical Fruit Crops was established in the Nikita Botanical Gardens in 1937, whose staff began complex works on the introduction and breeding of persimmon using scientifically based approaches. The approaches and methods used in the breeding of fruit crops are continuously improved. For complex evaluation of promising and classic cultivars, the model of an ideal persimmon cultivar was developed based on the following characteristics: yield (20 t ha‑1), weak affection by fungal diseases (one point), fruit mass (200 g), lack of fruity astringency in the solid state (three points), fruit sugar (25%), fruit taste (five points), absence of seeds (three points). For comparison with the model, 13 cultivars of persimmon were selected from the genefund collection of the Nikita Botanical Gardens. The study results were processed using the Statistics 10 program by the cluster analysis method. As a result, persimmon cultivars with economically valuable characteristics corresponding to the parameters of the model of the ideal cultivar have been selected. By the similarity and magnitude of the common characteristics persimmons are grouped into clusters (groups): I – ‘Zolotistaya’; II – ‘Hyakume’, ‘Hachiya’, ‘Nikitskaya Bordovaya’, ‘Yuzhnaya Krasavitsa’, ‘Mechta’, ‘Sidles’, ‘Geliy’; III – ‘Costata’, ‘Zvezdochka’, ‘Zenjimaru’, ‘Fuyu’, ‘Nikitsky Prevoskhodny’. According to the results of the complex evaluation, the closest to the ideal model are the following cultivars: ‘Zolotistaya’, ‘Costata’, ‘Zvezdochka’, ‘Mechta’ and ‘Sidles’.
Khokhlov, S.Yu., Melnikov, V.A. and Panyushkina, E.S. (2021). Evaluation of the Nikita Botanical Garden's genefund collection of persimmon with parameters of the model cultivar. Acta Hortic. 1324, 279-284
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1324.43
persimmon, biodiversity, cluster analysis

Acta Horticulturae