Content of phenolic compounds in ornamental peach flowers

L.D. Komar-Tyomnaya, A.E. Paliy, O.V. Startseva, I.N. Paliy
The aim was to identify a qualitative composition and content of phenolic substances in flowers of ornamental peach genotypes with different taxonomic origin. The total of sum of phenolic compounds was determined using Uv-Vis spectrophotometry. Phenolic acids and flavonoids were identified and quantified by the HPLC/DAD method. A higher total content of phenolic compounds during the budding and mass flowering of five ornamental peach genotypes originated from Prunus mira, P. davidiana, P. kansuensis, P. persica (20.3-46.9 mg g‑1 d.w.) was found. The maximum content of phenolic compounds was determined in the buttons of ‘Malenky Princ’ (46.9 mg g‑1 d.w.) and ‘Zhiselle’ (46.8 mg g‑1 d.w.), and in the flowers of ‘Malenky Prince’ (37.3 mg g‑1 d.w.). Phenolic compounds of peach buttons and flowers are represented by flavonoids and hydroxycinnamic acids, among which neochlorogenic, chlorogenic, p-coumaric acids, rutin, and kaempferol are identified. The ‘Malenky Princ’ buttons were characterized by the highest concentration of a neochlorogenic acid (3.6 mg g‑1 d.w.) and flowers of this cultivar contained the maximum value of the total dicofoelchinic acids (1.7 mg g‑1 d.w.). The highest concentrations of chlorogenic (3.5 mg g‑1 d.w.) and p-coumaric acids (0.6 mg g‑1 d.w.) were detected in buttons and flowers of ‘Zhiselle’. The flowers of ‘Belosnezhka’ were distinguished by the content of routine (1.0 mg g‑1 d.w.) and kaempferol (0.5 mg g‑1 d.w.). The results showed that buttons and flowers of ornamental peach can be valuable sources of phenolic antioxidants. Individual selection will be promising in breeding for a high content of phenolic compounds in flowers.
Komar-Tyomnaya, L.D., Paliy, A.E., Startseva, O.V. and Paliy, I.N. (2021). Content of phenolic compounds in ornamental peach flowers. Acta Hortic. 1324, 351-356
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1324.54
Prunus sp., cultivar, flavonoids, phenolic acids, flowers, buttons

Acta Horticulturae