Breeding new potato cultivars suitable for the Balkan region at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

P. Dolničar
Potato production has a long tradition in the Balkan countries. Production is dispersed, with just some larger farmers and majority of very small potato growers or even more crops produced on small gardens. While large farmers have modern technology with high quality yields, small growers lack technologies. The new potato breeding program started at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia in 1993. The main focus is to breed cultivars adapted to Slovenian and Balkan growing conditions for both large-commercial and small-scale farmers. Mass selection against Potato virus Y was performed after artificial inoculation at the seedling stage, followed by selection for important qualitative and quantitative traits in subsequent 10 field generations. Resistances against Potato virus Y (Rysto), late blight, potato wart and against yellow potato cyst nematodes were introduced into new Slovenian cultivars. For late blight major R genes were introduced form species Solanum demissum, S. bulbocastanum and R8 gene of the ‘Sarpo Mira’ cultivar. Twelve new cultivars were released having high yielding potential, excellent quality performance, high resistance level. Late blight resistant cultivar ‘KIS Kokra’ is suitable for small growers. ‘KIS Sora’ is a high yielding cultivar for prepack, and its main target is large-scale farmers. ‘KIS Krka’ is a main crop cultivar tolerant to drought and heat stress. ‘KIS Razor’ forms very large tubers and is suitable for shallow soils. ‘KIS Savinja’ is a high yielding second early cultivar. ‘KIS Vipava’ is an early purple skin and white flesh cultivar with very long dormancy. Both are suitable for small growers. The very early cultivar ‘KIS Slavnik’ is a promising new yellow flesh multipurpose cultivar suitable for both, large and small growers.
Dolničar, P. (2021). Breeding new potato cultivars suitable for the Balkan region at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. Acta Hortic. 1326, 231-238
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1326.31
potato, resistance breeding, PVY, late blight

Acta Horticulturae