Current status of the Turkish kiwifruit industry and the main problems of growers

A. Atak
Twenty years ago the world production of kiwifruit was 1.9 million tons while todays it has reached 4.5 million tons. Kiwifruit cultivation in Turkey is increasing rapidly as well as around the world; the enthusiasm of growers, who first became interested in kiwifruit just over 30 years ago, continues to grow. Turkey's kiwifruit production increased from 1400 tons in 2000 to 26,500 tons in 2010, and the current production of 80,000 tons places Turkey in 7th place among kiwifruit producing country. However, while kiwifruit is one of the best choices for growers, it requires high costs for orchard establishment, adequate soil conditions and water availability. It also requires skilled personnel available all the season to properly perform the main cultural management operation (i.e., pruning, pollination, fruit thinning, nutrition, phytosanitary operations, etc.) and knowledgeable professionals capable to select the best pre- and postharvest management techniques for the production of high quality fruits and also to suggest how to overcome the problems created by emerging diseases and the recent climatic change (hail storms, frosts, heavy rain, high temperatures, etc.). Turkey is currently suffering from the lack of an efficient grower organization capable of planning development and marketing strategy and breeding program for the development of patentable cultivars. If some of these problems are adequately addressed and resolved, kiwifruit production in Turkey will increase rapidly and decisively.
Atak, A. (2022). Current status of the Turkish kiwifruit industry and the main problems of growers. Acta Hortic. 1332, 439-444
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2022.1332.58
Actinidia, acreage and production trends, strengths and weakness in the Turkish kiwifruit industry

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