Postharvest quality and consumer preference of four avocado cultivars in Puerto Rico

K.V. Jaramillo-Jimenez, J.P. Morales-Payan, F. Ferwerda-van Reenen, A. Gonzalez-Velez
Avocado is one of the main fruit crops in Puerto Rico. While there is a traditional notion of the kind of avocado local consumers prefer, there have been relatively few studies conducted to validate and compare the quality of most of the cultivars available on the island and the relative preference of the consumers for specific avocado cultivars. A study was carried out in Puerto Rico to assess selected fruit attributes and consumer preference of four avocado cultivars grown and available for marketing as fresh fruit in Puerto Rico. Mature fruits representative of the avocados ‘Avila’, ’Candelaria’, ‘Dominguez’, and ‘Goya’ were evaluated. Fruit attributes such as peel and pulp color, firmness, weight and dimensions, and seed size were determined. Panelists performed individual sensorial evaluations of slices and whole fruits of each avocado cultivar. ‘Candelaria’ and ‘Avila’ had the highest marks for pulp color, taste, aroma, texture, and appearance. ‘Dominguez’ was also appreciated for its pulp color and texture but lacked in taste and pulp appearance. For whole fruits, based on fruit shape and peel color, ‘Avila’ was the preferred cultivar, and ‘Goya’ was the least likely to be purchased. ‘Candelaria’ was praised as very attractive for its dark green peel color and elongated spheroid shape. Future work will focus on expanding current preharvest and postharvest knowledge on the ‘Avila’ and ‘Candelaria’ avocados.
Jaramillo-Jimenez, K.V., Morales-Payan, J.P., Ferwerda-van Reenen, F. and Gonzalez-Velez, A. (2022). Postharvest quality and consumer preference of four avocado cultivars in Puerto Rico. Acta Hortic. 1349, 297-300
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2022.1349.41
Avila’, ‘Candelaria’, ‘Dominguez’, ‘Goya’

Acta Horticulturae