A mobile tool for postharvest treatment and preservation of bananas using ozone

C. Berger, M. Pagès-Homs, L. Volmerange, P. Brat, O. Hubert, J. Grabulos, V. Bancal, A. Normand, A. Pugeaux, L. de Lapeyre De Bellaire, S. Gerbaud, C. Verdier, F. Violleau
Because of its oxidizing and antimicrobial properties and its low persistence, ozone is an interesting alternative to conventional plant protection products. It can be used for preserving fruits in an ozonated atmosphere and in post-harvest treatment. The TOAsT platform (Technologies Oxydatives Appliquées à l’Agriculture et à l’Agroalimentaire sur Toulouse - Oxidative Technologies Applied to Agriculture and Agrifood in Toulouse), through the ATMOZFR project, has built a laboratory in a container to study this subject on different fruits such as banana. It includes a cold room with four independent modules for which it is possible to treat fruits with ozone under gaseous form coupled or not with O2 and CO2 controlled atmosphere, or with ozonated water using a skid. Finally, a module allows the treatment of conditioning station water by an ultrafiltration and ozonation combination. This tool is quasi autonomous since it only needs to be connected to water and electricity. It is mobile and navigable in order to be positioned as close as possible to the needs. Within the framework of the ATMOZFR project, this container was sent and installed in Ivory Coast in a banana plantation (Compagnie fruitière®) to carry out tests directly after harvest. The aim is to study the possibility of using ozone as a postharvest treatment or during the banana sea shipping to improve their preservation and extend their green life. First results showed a 40% reduction of crown rot on artificially inoculated banana with Colletotrichum musae for 13 days storage in a controlled ozonated atmosphere.
Berger, C., Pagès-Homs, M., Volmerange, L., Brat, P., Hubert, O., Grabulos, J., Bancal, V., Normand, A., Pugeaux, A., de Lapeyre De Bellaire, L., Gerbaud, S., Verdier, C. and Violleau, F. (2023). A mobile tool for postharvest treatment and preservation of bananas using ozone. Acta Hortic. 1363, 143-150
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2023.1363.21
ozone gas, ozonated water, container, crown-rot of banana, postharvest management, fruits

Acta Horticulturae