The research needs of organic banana producers: workshop report

J.W.H. van der Waal, L. de Lapeyre de Bellaire
Organic bananas have become an important part of the international banana export. While there is a wealth of research dedicated to the cultivation of conventional bananas for export, much less attention has been devoted to the specific challenges of the organic export banana. The legal framework applicable to organic production creates specific challenges that relate especially to fertilization, pest control, farm management, marketing, and economics. A workshop was organized to engage with organic banana producers and practitioners and chart to what extent the current body of knowledge of organic banana research corresponds to their needs. To start the discussion with participants, a bibliometric and a mini-literature survey were carried out, complemented by a concise survey among organic banana producers in various countries. Only a fraction of the general banana literature is devoted to organic banana production, with fertilization and pest control being dominant themes. Producers indicate that price and productivity, fertilization and disease management are their main concerns. Crown rot is the most important postharvest problem. Organic integrity is the most important theme that needs more attention. The workshop participants discussed the results and indicated that there is a need for establishing a coherent research agenda that addresses the needs of producers and other industry actors.
van der Waal, J.W.H. and de Lapeyre de Bellaire, L. (2023). The research needs of organic banana producers: workshop report. Acta Hortic. 1367, 339-335
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2023.1367.39
bibliometric study, integrity, price, productivity, research agenda, survey

Acta Horticulturae