Physico-chemical and sensorial properties of biscuits supplemented with date powder

A.A. Panhwar, S.G. Khaskheli, S.A. Sheikh, A.H. Soomro
The effects of date powders on physico-chemical and sensorial characteristics of biscuits were studied at laboratory of Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam during 2019-20. The treatments included: T1 = 0% without date powder (control), T2 = 20% date powder and T2 = 30% date powder. Sensory analysis indicated that biscuit supplemented with 20% date powder was found excellent. The results regarding the chemical components showed an increase in moisture content, starch, ash and fibre content of biscuits supplemented with date powder. The higher results were recorded with T2: 5.50% moisture, 2.88% ash content, 18.94% total soluble solids, 13.98% fat, 15.98% protein and 55.64% carbohydrate in biscuit supplemented with date powder. The addition of date powder provides good response in increase in the minerals content as well. It is concluded from the study that date powder treatment of 20% showed better effect on quality of biscuits, its physiological and mineral content. Our findings determined that the biscuits supplemented with 30% date powder had the lowest acceptability, whereas the biscuits supplemented with 10%, were found to be excellent and not affected by the sensorial parameters. It is concluded that date palm powder can be used and incorporated in bakery products up to 20%, it is recommended to use dates powder in the manufacturing of biscuits.
Panhwar, A.A., Khaskheli, S.G., Sheikh, S.A. and Soomro, A.H. (2023). Physico-chemical and sensorial properties of biscuits supplemented with date powder. Acta Hortic. 1371, 361-366
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2023.1371.49
date powder, supplementation, sensory

Acta Horticulturae