Functional and sensory properties of ‘Mozawati’ and ‘Aseel’ dates

A. Shahwani, T.F. Miano, A.H. Soomro
The present study was designed to analyze the functional properties of fresh and dehydrated ‘Mozawati’ and ‘Aseel’ and ‘Aseel’ dates. The sample of ‘Mozawati’ and ‘Aseel’ dates were randomly collected from Quetta Baluchistan, and Khairpur Sindh Provinces of Pakistan. The fresh date samples were dehydrated at 60-65°C for 18 h in a cabinet dehydrator. Further the samples were rehydrated in distilled water to observe the physical changes. Each sample was analyzed for functional and sensory properties for dates flesh weight (g), stone weight (g), pH value, length (cm), width (cm), rehydration %, moisture %, TSS (°Brix), total sugars (%) and total carbohydrate content. The results obtained for date samples showed statistically significant difference at p≤0.05 probability level for moisture loss 46.2%, weight of dates 10 g, width of date 2.2 cm and length 3.4 cm analyzed, respectively. Further the observation of date samples were recorded for pH value (6.4), total soluble solids (81.49 °Brix) reducing sugar obtained (67.1%) and carbohydrate (84.9%). The data recorded for sensory properties of dehydrated date samples revealed a better score for ‘Mozawati’ dates in color, flavour, texture, and taste. It was concluded from the present study that a cabinet dehydrator is effective for dehydration, as the dates retained their functional and sensory properties without loss after rehydration.
Shahwani, A., Miano, T.F. and Soomro, A.H. (2023). Functional and sensory properties of ‘Mozawati’ and ‘Aseel’ dates. Acta Hortic. 1371, 389-394
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2023.1371.53
dates, dehydration, rehydration, functional properties, organoleptic properties

Acta Horticulturae