The current situation and future prospects for manufacturing date products and palm waste in Sudan

H.D. Dawoud, A.A. Fatima
Palm trees are considered the focus of agriculture in many different states of Sudan, where they produce fruits and large quantities of agricultural by-products that can be used for many purposes. This study aims to raise the economic value of the palm by making use of all palm products and waste. We hope to provide a model for development thinking coupled with science fiction to provide sustainable employment opportunities in the countryside and facilitate a local and sustainable material base for many industries in the cities and capacity building of rural youth to address this change. This paper also aims to preserve the national palm wealth and reduce the burden on the state’s balance of payments as a result of importing timber and its products. The Forest Research Center has made many contributions to the production of compressed wood. This project presents a model for the development of villages in all palm states in Sudan. Dawoud and Fatima (2020) conducted a survey of palm orchards, and random samples of Sudanese and imported date cultivars, in an average length of 3 m and age of 12-15 years, showed that one palm produces around 26.19 kg of by-products annually, and in total Sudan could produce approximately 497,800 t of by-products based on the total number of palms of 19 million. The second research objective is to develop manufacturing at traditional rural levels and large industries to maximize the return on value-added and encourage families to produce small-scale businesses such as honey, pastries and others. The third message of this survey is spreading consumer awareness of date products and raising productivity and high-quality production to meet the demand for food locally, regionally and globally. To achieve such objectives, a collaboration and interplay between all the stakeholders in Sudan must be established through the government and private sector.
Dawoud, H.D. and Fatima, A.A. (2023). The current situation and future prospects for manufacturing date products and palm waste in Sudan. Acta Hortic. 1371, 451-462
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2023.1371.62
manufacturing, date products, Sudan

Acta Horticulturae