Recent progress in Polish raspberry and blackberry breeding

A. Orzeł, A. Janik-Wójs, M. Gasparska, K. Król-Dyrek
Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L., R. neglectus × Peck, R. occidentalis L.) and blackberry (Rubus subgenus Rubus Watson) breeding has been conducted at Niwa, Poland since 2012. Due to EU grants, programs were expanded. During the past 10 years, 4324 crosses were made, with an average number of 393 per year. Six cultivars were released so far from this program, including two primocane red raspberries (‘Delniwa’ and ‘Husaria’), two golden raspberries (‘Promyk’ and ‘Jantar’), a purple raspberry (‘Hiban’), and a blackberry (‘Glorniwa’). ‘Delniwa’ is a major cultivar for freezing and fresh markets in countries with warm temperatures during flowering and fruiting, while ‘Husaria’ will be used mainly for the fresh market. Ten advanced clones are under evaluation in Poland and abroad, including two promising spineless primocane blackberries. Flowering and fruit quality were evaluated in each cultivar and clone. In addition to raspberries and blackberries, progress is also being made towards breeding R. occidentalis, with the first Polish primocane black raspberries and a promising floricane release under evaluation.
Orzeł, A., Janik-Wójs, A., Gasparska, M. and Król-Dyrek, K. (2024). Recent progress in Polish raspberry and blackberry breeding. Acta Hortic. 1388, 47-52
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2024.1388.6
primocane, floricane, biology of flowering, pollen tube growth, fertilization of ovules, Rubus sp

Acta Horticulturae