R.W. Bosley
The use of wood residuals, as a container medium, is becoming quite, popular. Many nurseries are using proportions running as 80–100%. This utilization of wood residual materials has been made possible by the development of methods of stabilizing the product against nitrogen withdrawal from the growing medium.

I wish to acknowledge the great service that Dr.O.A. Matkin and his Soil and Plant Laboratory, Inc., has made to the industry as a whole; and more specifically to our nursery in the development of wood products into suitable growing medium.

Further, attention may be drawn to the 1963 proceedings of the International Plant Propagators Society which contain an article entitled: "Ground bark as a growing medium for container nursery stock", by F.A. Rigby.

Bosley, R.W. (1969). GROUND BARK - A CONTAINER GROWING MEDIUM. Acta Hortic. 15, 17-20
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1969.15.4