S. Natali, C. Xiloyannis, A. Barbieri
The influence of 4 different rootstocks ('Mr.S. 2/5', 'S. Julien G.F. 655/2', P. Besseyi x P. persica 299 and 'P.S. A6') on the water consumption of peach trees, cv. 'Cresthaven', was monitored over four years using a neutron probe at different depths and at several distances from the trunks of non irrigated trees. Root length was measured in soil samples taken at different depths and 11 distances from the trunks of the trees. Al shoots produced in each tree were measured and the total leaf area was estimated by sampling leaves from all types of shoots.

Leaf area and leaf area index were highest in trees grafted on 'Mr.S. 2/5'; lower values were obtained in those grafted on Prunus Besseyi x P. persica 299, 'G.F. 655/2', while the lowest were found in trees grafted on peach seedlings. Average water consumption (m3/ha) was directly related to the total leaf area of the trees, while water consumption per dm2 of leaf was inversely related to the total leaf area. Root length per cm3 of soil was shortest in trees grafted on 'P.S. A6'. Root distribution in the upper soil layer (0–30 cm) was highest (33% and 43% of the total) in trees grafted on 'G.F. 655/2' and 'Mr.S. 2/5', while in those grafted on 'P.S. A6' and the hybrid, it represented 17% and 27% of the total roots respectively.

Natali, S., Xiloyannis, C. and Barbieri, A. (1985). WATER CONSUMPTION OF PEACH TREES GRAFTED ON FOUR DIFFERENT ROOTSTOCKS. Acta Hortic. 173, 355-362
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1985.173.40

Acta Horticulturae