B. Marangoni, M. Antonelli, D. Scudellari, D. Cobianchi, A. Liverani
Data are provided on five years' growth and cropping of virus-free Redhaven grafted on seedling and peach rootstock selection (INRA GF 305, Harrow Blood, PS A III, PS A V, PS B2), prune clones (S. Julian GF 655/2, INRA GF 43, Damas 1869) and hybrid (Almond x Peach) GF 677.

The growth of the plants on hybrid GF 677 was higher, by about 30%, than on commercial seedlings. The remaining rootstocks induced a vegetative growth like a commercial seedling peach (GF 305, GF 43), or smaller (GF 655/2, PS B2, Harrow Blood).

The highest yielding plants were grafted on GF 677, PS AV, and seedling; these rootstocks also induced high fruit size.

The number of nematodes was determined in the soil and on the roots every year. The infestation rate was always low, having no significant influence on plant growth.

Marangoni, B., Antonelli, M., Scudellari, D., Cobianchi, D. and Liverani, A. (1985). THE BEHAVIOUR OF CV. REDHAVEN ON DIFFERENT ROOTSTOCKS (1). Acta Hortic. 173, 389-394
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1985.173.44

Acta Horticulturae