S. Natali, C. Xiloyannis, M. Mugano
Trials were carried out on peach trees cv. 'Dorata Morettini' grafted on peach seedlings P.S.B2 planted at 4 x 1.5 m. The trees were drip irrigated daily utilizing one 4 l/h emitter placed 75 cm from the trunk, or two 2 1/h emitters each 37.5 cm from the trunk, so that all the trees received the same amount of water.

Evapotranspiration was estimated using a US Weather Bureau Class A pan placed in a bare field nearby, and taking into consideration the ground cover of the trees during the different growth stages.

Soil moisture was measured frequently with a neutron probe at different depths down to 175 cm and at several distances from the trunk. We did not find any difference in yield and shoot growth in trees irrigated by one or two emitters per tree.

After three years of data registration on water consumption in high density peach trees (1 666 trees/ha) we found that we have to apply the following crop coefficient factors to the amount of water evaporated from 'A pan', to calculate the volume of water consumed by the trees: first stage of fruit growth K = 0.69; second growth stage Kc = 1; third growth stage and after fruit harvest Kc = 1.25.

Natali, S., Xiloyannis, C. and Mugano, M. (1985). WATER CONSUMPTION IN HIGH DENSITY PEACH TREES.. Acta Hortic. 173, 413-420
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1985.173.47

Acta Horticulturae