E. Bellini, G. Giannelli
In view of the interest aroused in Italy by white flesh peach cultivars with highly desiderable characteristics, not inferior to those of yellow flesh peaches, it is thought opportune to continue the work of genetic and varietal improvement begun in 1971 at the "Centro di studio del C.N.R. sulla propagazione delle specie legnose di Firenze", which already in 1980 diffused commercially a cultivar called "MARIA BIANCA".

Results gathered over a number of years in different experimental fields regarding selections of white flesh peaches have lad us to introduce commercially three of these selections, which we are giving the names "MARIA GRAZIA", "MARIA ROSA" and "MARIA DELIZIA".

These three new cultivars obtained by E. Bellini, are characterized by abundant and constant production of large fruits, with spherical shape, attractive skin colour, white and firm flesh, very good flavour and freestone.

The period of ripening is very wide, extending for the area of Follonica (Grosseto) over the first ten days of July (-10/12 days from "Maria Bianca") with "MARIA GRAZIA", the end of July and the beginning of August (+10/12 days from "Maria Bianca") with "MARIA ROSA" and the end of August (+32/34 days from "Maria Bianca") with "MARIA DELIZIA".

These new cultivars come onto the market free of any contractual tie or patent (i.e. they may be propagated and distributed without license).

Bellini, E. and Giannelli, G. (1985). THREE NEW WHITE FLESH PEACH CULTIVARS: "MARIA GRAZIA", "MARIA ROSA" AND "MARIA DELIZIA". Acta Hortic. 173, 39-50
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1985.173.5

Acta Horticulturae