Vas. Ch. Kukurjannis
The development of peach industry in Greece was very rapid after the second world war. Soil and climatic conditions favoured the development of peach production. Until 1980 there was a continuous increase of free-stone peach production which remained stable afterwards During the last years there is a steady increase of nectarins and cling-stone peach production.

The major area of peach growing is Macedonia, counties of Imathia and Pella. Modern cultivation systems are used and there is a continuous renewal of the varieties according to the market and canneries demand.

At the present the main cultivated varieties are as follows; Free-stone peaches: Spring time, Spring crest, June gold, Dixired, Red haven, Sun crest, Elberta and J.H. Hale. Nectarins: Arm king, May grand, Independence, Flavor top and Stark red gold. Cling-stone peaches: Fortuna, Loadel, Vivian, Baby gold No. 5, Baby gold No. 6, Andross, Klampt, Halford and Everts.

One of the most serious problems of the cultivation is the virus infection "Sharka".

Kukurjannis, Vas. Ch. (1985). PEACH PRODUCTION IN GREECE. Acta Hortic. 173, 441-444
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1985.173.50

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