A.P. Shipilov
The greater part of our studies directed towards the improvement of the greenhouse equipment were done with a view to reducing the prime cost of the vegetable production and the relative capital investments in the building activities.

The structure of the prime cost of greenhouse vegetable production is not the same under different natural and economic conditions. It too, like the specific index of the cost, is very dynamic. For the central climatic zone of the Soviet Union it can be roughly characterized as follows:

Type of expenditures In % of total expenditures

Workers' wages 20
Greenhouse heating costs 30
Amortization 8
Planting materials, fertilizer,water,
electric energy, etc.

Current repairs 3
Overhead expenditures 12

The above data show that to the expenditures (the decrease of which is fully possible to the detriment of the technical improvement of greenhouses) are related such costs, that are connected with the heating, workers' wages, deductions for wear and tear, etc.

Studying the structure of capital investments for the construction of contemporary greenhouse complexes in the above mentioned zone of the Soviet Union, one can easily deduct that the part of the basic production constructions and equipment is around 70 per cent. The expenditures for the auxiliary structures, the urbanization and improvement of grounds of the greenhouse complexes amount to around 20 per cent. The inner network system requires, for example, 7 per cent, while the remaining 3 per cent are allotted to the means of communication, the mechanization of soil cultivation and the care of the plants.

These data also show that in order to lower the relative cost (value) of the construction works it is of paramount importance to carry our improvements in the basic production equipment of the greenhouse complexes.

Consequently, in order to increase the economic effectiveness of the capital investments in the erection of greenhouse complexes, first of all the greenhouses' type and their heating media should be duly improved.

During the last few years we worked over the problems connected with the improvement of designs of greenhouses and towards determining the methods of their heating and lighting technical execution.

We must mention first of all that the new method of approach towards

Shipilov, A.P. (1971). RESULTS OF THE RESEARCH WORK IN DESIGNING GREENHOUSES. Acta Hortic. 17, 321-326
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1971.17.52

Acta Horticulturae