J.A.H. Nicholson
In recent years, it has become clear that the management problems of many horticultural business can most logically and conveniently be tackled with the sophisticated tools of ‘operations analysis’. Advisers who have a flair for management work can expect to spend more time in the future in introducing to growers such methods as critical path analysis, linear programming, and the discounting approach to investment appraisal. This is the mainstream of progress in business management, and it is not passing horticulture by.

Even so, quite elementary techniques will still be needed in the foreseable future, if much progress is to be achieved with the majority of horticultural businesses in the British Isles. For while there is an encouraging increase in the numbers of growers who are seeking management advice, the general level of management accounting remains very weak. And many horticultural advisers themselves have had little practical training to equip them for management work, while the amount of time they can allocate to an individual case is limited by the increasing extent of their other duties.

Thus it is appropriate to give thought to the development of new simple techniques for use in advisory work, and to the improvement and further simplification of established methods.

Nicholson, J.A.H. (1970). SIMPLE MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES FOR ADVISERS. Acta Hortic. 19, 42-62
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1970.19.2