G.J. van Boetzelaer
In these times with great technical progresses, we see - also in horticulture - many changes.

Cropping methods and technical equipment are adapted to newer points of view. The working methods do undergo also modifications. By rising in wages and scarcity of labourers the growers are compelled to look out for working methods which lead to labour savings. New developments can be effected in different ways. Research and advice are acting in a stimulating way and try - by introducing new machines and working methods - to influence the productivity favourably.

The manufacturers also contribute to this development. They are trying by making better machines and equipment to promote the sale of their product. By granting as much as possible the wishes of the growers, they promote the efficiency in this branch of industry.

The growers also have an active part in this process; they try to improve existing equipment and sometimes they develop new technical aids. The advisory officers, who work in the field of work study and mechanization, are trying to trace all these new developments to improve these further and to introduce them into other nurseries.

To present yon an idea what is going on in this field, I give you examples of developments from different branches of horticulture, which are of importance.

van Boetzelaer, G.J. (1970). WORK SIMPLIFICATION IN PRACTICE. Acta Hortic. 19, 116-120
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1970.19.7