R.J. van Doveren
In 1964 our department was charged by the society "The Dutch Floriculture" to organize a course on working methods.

The object of this course was to give the practice the opportunity to be aware of the possibilities, to attain a higher productivity by means of work method improvement. That increase of productivity is an important matter, because in our country the auction prices had the tendency to be equal or to fall last few years, while the labour costs and in a less extent those of the durable and liquid production resources had the tendency to raise, so that the space between returns and cost price ever decreased (see curves).

Before organizing this course we visited a great number of flower growers and discussed the various items of management.

The following points emerged:

  • The cropping plan was mostly determined traditionally, it did not underlie planning.
  • Planning on short term did not take place. The work with regard to the sale was the main point. The other work was carried out in the remaining time.
  • In the most favourable case experimental norms underlay this work from day to day.
van Doveren, R.J. (1970). SOME REMARKS ON MANAGEMENT ON POTPLANT NURSERIES. Acta Hortic. 19, 121-130
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1970.19.8