I.N.J.v. Broek
In contrast with e.g. fruit and vegetable crops in glass-houses potplants are not fixed to the spot for its growth-medium. Besides the need of some area they only need a suitable climate for its growth. This particular property is used to give potplants more area as they get further developed.

From the point of view of utilizing the available area in glasshouses this is an attractive proceeding. Yet we see that almost all intensive potplant nurseries are in struggle with their area. These difficulties get clear in:

  1. It is unknown with how many plants to start a crop. Mostly too many are taken in that case.
  2. The occurring remainder is sold for a price that is too low or is thrown away as worthless.
  3. Plants are too long too close together which results in quality-loss.
  4. It is given too much labour that is not immediately necessary to the crop.
  5. Succeeding of a production planning becomes unsettled.

Despite the important research on cultivation techniques we must notice here that for potplant nurseries elemental data on time span and area are absent at all.

Broek, I.N.J.v. (1970). SOME ASPECTS OF AREA ON POTPLANT NURSERIES. Acta Hortic. 19, 131-140
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1970.19.9