A.S.I. El-Ballal, T.H. Abou El-Nasr
Early ectotypes were selected in dense culture under stress of Khamasine stroms through short-cut selection.Mother plants selection was practiced in the full-Sibbed population in the oscillated environment. This program includes several lines promising in the essential oil content, essential oil yield, crude fat and protein contents % as well as fruit yield per plant. The selected population exhibited apparent stability in different studied characters measured through stability against micro environment, as well as flexibility in interactions with seasonal variatiion which enables maximizing fruit yield through agromechanics. Broad sense heritability for example amounted 0.8442. The narrow sense heritability was evaluated through different estimators to declare the population structure, in which it was maximized to 0.7830. Coriander selected populations expressed high degree of association among traits and was characterized by short season of 120 days. The antimicrobial activity of the intact population was outlined.
El-Ballal, A.S.I. and Abou El-Nasr, T.H. (1987). SELECTION FOR EARLINESS AND PHYTOTHERAPEUTIC VALUE IN CORIANDER. Acta Hortic. 208, 179-196
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1987.208.20

Acta Horticulturae