Ph. Boxus
I am very pleased to be able to introduce the works which developed in the course of our symposium held from September 16–20, 1985.

By means of numerous personal contacts and open discussions, we strived to throw light on particularly unclear points which too often impede our in vitro mass production.

In order to improve the efficiency of micropropagation techniques used in industrial laboratories, we must give up our empiricist conceptions and overcome the problems sporadically encountered in our laboratories, such as endogenous bacteria, vitrification, uneasy soil acclimatization, absence of rhizogenesis…..

Our difficulties and failures were thus explained and clearly discussed. Preconceived recipes do certainly not lack interest, but they may be described and published outside the scope of any open meeting.

All the participants worked in this way, so that our forum, yet crowded, was a true "round table" and not a mere readingdesk exclusively devoted to magistral statements.

This exciting work was sponsored by the Commission of European Communities; by the International Society for Horticultural Science; by the Administration of the Agricultural Research and by the 3 Institutions of GEMBLOUX which organized this Symposium.

One of these, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, celebrated the 125th anniversary of its establishment. The honour of being associated with it and the magnificent background it provided certainly influenced our work positively.

Ph. Boxus,

Boxus, Ph. (1987). OPENING ADDRESS. Acta Hortic. 212, 33-34
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1987.212.0

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