H. Lilien-Kipnis, M. Kochba
Six new miniature Gladiolus hybrids bred in the Department of Ornamental Horticulture, The Volcani Center, were propagated in vitro. Sixty thousand flowering-size corms were required for market testing of the new cultivars.

The breeder supplied a limited number of corms and cormels from which apical and lateral buds were excised. MS media supplemented with low levels of NAA, and BAP or K at varying concentrations according to cultivar, were used for repeated proliferation. After rooting in media lacking cytokinins, actively growing plantlets were planted directly in a greenhouse.

In vitro rooting was much affected by auxin content and also by the presence of activated charcoal (AC) in the medium. Both auxin and AC during rooting, enhanced the yield of corms and cormels harvested after a short season's growth in the greenhouse. Serious acclimatization problems were encountered with rising temperatures in late spring. This was due to impeded root development ex vitro at higher temperatures. The alternatives for acclimatization are discussed.

Lilien-Kipnis, H. and Kochba, M. (1987). MASS PROPAGATION OF NEW GLADIOLUS HYBRIDS. Acta Hortic. 212, 631-638
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1987.212.105

Acta Horticulturae