B. Pevalek-Kozlina, S. Jelaska
Experiments were carried out in order to obtain a rapid in vitro propagation of wild cherry. Apical and axillary buds were used as initial explants for the establishment of cultures. The buds were successfully disinfected in chlorine products and mercuric chloride. Mod. WPM medium was used as basal medium in all stages of culture. Establishment, multiplication stage and shoot elongation were satisfactory on the medium containing 2.2 μM bzl-6 Ade, 2.5 μM IBA and 0.3 μM GA3. Shoots rooted on the medium supplemented with 4.9 μM IBA or after a pulse treatment with the water solution of IBA (246 μM); and were subsequently transferred to a mixture of compost, peat and perlite. The rooted plantlings survived successfully and grew into normal plants.
Pevalek-Kozlina, B. and Jelaska, S. (1987). MICROCLONAL PROPAGATION OF PRUNUS AVIUM L.. Acta Hortic. 212, 599-602
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1987.212.98

Acta Horticulturae