Gy. Horváth
Vegetable production is a particularly important enterprise in cooperative farms in several respects. Vegetables are grown over ninety-five thousand hectares in the country of which 67.4 % are represented by cooperative and individual household farming areas. The on-farm price from this activity amount to 9.8 billion Forints.

There has been a marked progress in cooperative vegetable production over the recent five years. 547 of our production cooperatives are concerned with vegetable farming in general. The largest area, 32 000 ha, are under green peas; tomato is grown over 8 700, green paprika over 6 000 ha, onion and watermelon over 5 000–5 000 hectares. Unfortunately, it appears from data available in the canning and processing industry that the production area is highly fragmented. The average plot under cucumber and green paprika is 12–14 ha, that under green beans 40–60 ha, the only acceptable plot sizes being available only for green peas, red paprika and onion with an average size of 150–300 ha. In this latter case, several harvesting equipments can be applied. The fact that only 27 % of the vegetable growing area can be irrigated is very disturbing and annoying for production contracted to the processing industry. This situation involves a strong fluctuation in yields from one regional area to the other, yield differences being 8–31 % for onion, 40–51 % for sweet paprika, 46–52 % for green bean and 23–58 % for tomato.

There is by now a sophisticated and up-to-date division of work between the cooperative farms and household farming, the production form requiring great care and much manual labour is mostly performed in household farming, whereas the production of vegetable crops requiring less manual work and easily mechanised is carried on in the large-scale plots. This division of work is equally advantageous to both the coop and household farms. It should also be noted that an increasingly important role in production is being played by the integrating activity of the coop farms and their technical and servicing assistance.

From the entire amount of vegetable crops 0.9–1 million tons are used by branches of the processing industry every year.

Horváth, Gy. (1988). VEGETABLE PROCESSING IN COOPERATIVES. Acta Hortic. 220, 51-52
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1988.220.5

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