M. Candeias, A. Silva, R. Rosa
Ananas plants (Ananas comosus L., var. Cayenne Lise) growing in a greenhouse were studied from the point of view of their vegetative and stomatal behaviour in relation to the microclimatic environment. To that effect, the stomatal resistance was monitored, together with the transpiration rate, solar irradiation, leaf temperature, temperature and vapor pressure differences between the leaf surface and the air, and leaf area.

The environment was controlled, to maintain the inside air temperature in the range 15 to 35°C, by means of heating, ventilation and evaporation, and excess solar radiation was removed with the help of screens. Rapid growth was obtained from March to September, when temperature and solar radiation level where higher. Stomatal resistance is mainly controlled by luminosity but it also appears to vary with temperature and rate of transpiration, and temperature and vapor pressure differentials.

Candeias, M., Silva, A. and Rosa, R. (1988). STOMATAL BEHAVIOUR OF ANANAS UNDER PROTECTED CULTIVATION. Acta Hortic. 229, 205-210
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1988.229.19

Acta Horticulturae