M. Tanaka, K. Jinno, M. Goi, T. Higashiura
Fluorocarbon polymer films (Neoflon ® film, Daikin Industries, Ltd) possess superior properties: thermal stability, chemical inertness, light transmittance, gaspermeability and heat seal processability. In previous investigation (Tanaka et al., 1988), we have developed a disposable box-shaped culture vessel using Neoflon films. This was referred to as the ‘Culture Pack’, and the use of which was found suitable for the development of proliferated shoots.

In further trials, the ‘Culture Pack’ of a bigger size (22.5 x 15.0 x 10.5 cm, the outer size of stainless frame) which is 6 times as large as that of standard size (7.5 x 7.5 x 10.5 cm) was also developed. The growth of Spathiphyllum cultivar ‘Merry’ plantlets on solid medium in the ‘Culture Pack’ of bigger size were normal, and they attained a size almost the same as those plants grown in the ‘Culture Pack’ of standard size. The shoot development on rockwool (Multiblock, Grodania A/S, Denmark) or on polyesterfiber block (Toyobo, Japan) with liquid medium in the ‘Culture Pack’ was also observed.

The advantages to using a combined ‘Culture Pack’ of bigger size with the Multiblock or polyesterfiber block in micropropagation of horticultural crops are discussed.

Tanaka, M., Jinno, K., Goi, M. and Higashiura, T. (1988). THE USE OF DISPOSABLE FLUOROCARBON POLYMER FILM CULTURE VESSEL IN MICROPROPAGATION. Acta Hortic. 230, 73-80
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1988.230.6

Acta Horticulturae