J. Achten
A great number of private and governemental institutes collects technical data of agricultural machinery. This data are used for several purposes like technical summaries in specialised news papers, research reports of institutes, marketing studies of private companies, time series of prices, commercial leaflets, decisions of farmers, etc.

The collecting, processing and reproduction process requires a big labourforce. Moreover, the same or comparable job is carried out by several organizations in different countries. Till 1985 there were no contacts between the collegues in this particular field. Due to an EC call for proposals for "an information service in the field of agricultural machinery" an european project has been started with regard to the development of the AGRIMACH Databank. The project started in 1985.

AGRIMACH is the abbreviation of the European Databank for general and technical data of machinery in Agriculture, Horticulure and Forestry.

Achten, J. (1989). AGRIMACH DATABANK. Acta Hortic. 237, 11-14
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.237.1

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