R.K. Oving, V.P.R. Oorsprong
The development that has taken place in agriculture did not pass the public sector that is involved in lay-out and maintenance of ornamental grounds and public parks. In many cases the operations, work-methods and mechanisation is likely the same as in agriculture. The costs of labour and mechanization have increased enormously, while simultaniously a reduction of available budgets from public funds has taken place. Although this sector is not a production sector, efficiency is a necessity, just as in agriculture.

The VOA-Raad Landbouw (Association for Labour Knowledge, Devision of Agriculture) has taken the initiative to found some working groups, to collect data in the field of lay-out and maintenance of ornamental grounds. One of these groups did collect the labour data for operations, work-methods and task-times. Also the work-schedules of a variety of species. This work is completed with an extended code system, that makes it easy for use in computerized systems.

Another working group did collect data in behalf of machine cost calculations. These data are used in the computerprogram IMAG35, especially designed to work with these data.

Furtheron the IMAG was also involved in the development of a unique code system in behalf of the trade of plants (Mr. Campagne mentioned that earlier this week, because it was also used for the ORACLE database program).

The work of these groups is combined in IMAG-GROENcompAS, to create a management information system for ornamental grounds. Therefore the database has been extended with a registration system for plant-locations, personnel, materials and machinery. Applications have been made to maintain the databases (add, delete or change entities), and report the contents. Different programs are added to the system to create reports of labour requirements for lay-out and maintenance of locations, accumulated for workorganization as well as generalship.

Some decision support systems are planned for workscheduling, selection of machinery and optimization of the design of nurseries, due to maintenance costs.

In this paper some further details are presented of the mentioned management information system for ornamental grounds.

Oving, R.K. and Oorsprong, V.P.R. (1989). COMPUTERPROGRAMME FOR MANAGEMENT OF ORNAMENTAL-GROUNDS. Acta Hortic. 237, 193-202
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.237.26

Acta Horticulturae