J.A. van den Berg
Organic materials are frequently used for flowerbulb production either as fertilizers or as mulches.

On dune and seasand soils stable manure is the most common fertilizer, but slurry and town refuse compost are being used in increasing quantities. As production of slurry exceeds demand, experiments are in progress to study the possibilities for use of this material as a fertilizer. On clay soils organic manure is given most often to crops preceeding bulbs. Green manure is applied frequently.

Mulches are used on dune and seasand soils as a protection against frost injury and/or wind erosion. For these purposes reed, straw, town refuse and cover crops are applied. On clay soils the main aim of mulching is the prevention of slaking of the top soil. Most often straw is used and to a less extent also town refuse compost. These mulching materials are generally used as a cover during winter, but sometimes also during the full length of the growth period.

van den Berg, J.A. (1971). THE USE OF ORGANIC MATERIALS IN FLOWERBULB GROWING. Acta Hortic. 23, 344-344
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1971.23.55

Acta Horticulturae