N.C. Hofman
The world-flowerbulb production occupies about 35,000 ha. The main producing countries are The Netherlands, the USA and Great-Britain.

Production as well as consumption are mainly restricted to the more prosperous countries in the moderate climates. Within these countries, however, we find distinct differences in consumption per capita for the various kinds of flower bulbs. As the standard of living is increasing, the overall picture is also an ever increasing consumption. In cases where consumption is lagging behind compared with the general trend, this is mainly due to imperfections in the process of distribution and the forcing procedure.

The market for flower bulbs on wholesale level shows the typical characteristics of the agricultural marketing pattern. This pattern comes nearest to that described as pure competition with many buyers and many sellers who, individually, are not in a position to affect the price level.

The lecture will deal with specific marketing problems and consumer expenditures for flower bulbs and bulbflowers in various countries.

Hofman, N.C. (1971). TRENDS IN THE MARKETING AND 'CONSUMPTION' OF FLOWER BULBS. Acta Hortic. 23, 369-376
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1971.23.60

Acta Horticulturae